Some of the factors that have made us the most preferred interior designing solution provider are:

  • Customer focused approach
  • Tailor made services
  • Innovative design solutions
  • Excellent designing facilities
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • On time performance

We have a proven and well-defined approach to our practice in the interior decoration business. Every department holds specific responsibilities in the project. Our stream lined process and effective quality control results in high style design with utmost attention to budget, schedule and details.

Our Clients

Commercial Clients

  • Webcon (West Bengal Consultancy Organization Ltd)
  • Shalimar Paints (R&D Division)
  • Tropical Clothing
  • Showrooms in Koramangla, Karnataka, India
  • Showrooms in Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Beauti pour lour at Garia, kolkata
  • Bakesmiths & Co. ( Everast building, Kolkata)
  • and more…

Residential Projects

  • Mr.Mitra (Saltlake city, AB block)
  • Mr.Sarkar (Patuli Township)
  • Mr.& Mrs.Rathi (Lands down)
  • Mr.S.Acheryya (Sharewood, Narandrapur)
  • Mr.Haldar (Naktala)
  • Mr.B.B.Bhatterjee (Sugampark, Narandrapur)
  • Dr.J.Chakraborty (Baghajatin park, Near peerless hospital)
  • Mr.S.Bhowmik (Narandrapur)
  • Mr.Sarkar (DCPL, Rajarhat)
  • Mr.Dutta (Benachiti, Durgapur)
  • and more….